We offer a new and innovative idea in music education. Now children can learn music in groups while having fun, being creative, expressing their emotions and playing.

We have music classes which specialize in creation of music ensembles. In these music ensembles children learn to sing correctly, recognize music notation and gradually getting more familiar with music scores and music making that will enables them to easily transfer into private instruments lessons in case they are interested in. 

All our lessons have music, singing and listening games as also music and movement activities. These help children to experience all the elements that are taught and makes learning procedure more fun and easy. 

Through these classes children improve: 

* Singing skills

* Concentration and social skills

* Self confidence and self control

* Emotional intelligence

Music making also decrease stress levels!!  

Starter Singers

A unique experiential approach of music. Using singing as essential element in the classes, children have the opportunity to develop their singing skills. Further, through music and movement activities children experience and understand music elements through their body. Through this class children learn to walk and tap in beat, to recognize songs and be able to demonstrate them through movement, to play a variety of 2 notes songs, to sing in tune in a variety of instruments.  

4 - 5 years old

Movers Music Makers 

Through a playful procedure, children learn to read innovative music scores and play small melodies on various instruments. They learn to sing and create music in small ensembles with tuned and un-tuned instruments.  In these music ensembles children have the chance to sing, play music pieces and move to the rhythm of songs. They will be able to recognize rhythms either written or aural and interpret them into a music score. In this class children have the opportunity to interact with a big variety of instruments. 

5 - 7 years old

Youngster Musicians 

Children through team and cooperative method of learning have the chance to develop their music skills and create singing and instrument ensembles. Children get acquainted with singing and movement games. This is a unique chance to express their emotions and be creative through the procedure and happiness that music making can offer.  They have the chance to learn a variety of String, Percussion and Wind instruments. 

Ukulele masters 

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to play the Ukulele within a group. Children have this great opportunity to learn with our professional ukulele teacher, how to play the ukulele in a more fan and joyful  way that offers the group dynamic. There will be 2 small groups running for ages 6 - 8 years old and 9 - 11 .

8 - 12 years old

6 - 8 years old

9 - 11 years old



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