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Creating a positive classroom climate through singing and music games.

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350 euros

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35 Hours

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Creating a positive classroom climate through singing and music games.


Maria Demosthenous

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About the course

This course is designed for educators who are looking for alternative ways to involve students in learning procedure as also educator's of children with learning disabilities to help their classroom induction. Learn how to create routines, give motivation to your students and create strong bonds with the classmates. By creating a positive classroom climate it feels safe, respectful, welcoming, and supportive of student learning and this can lead in amazing learning achievements. DAY TO DAY SCHEDULE

Getting to know each another: Ice-breaking activities
Lecture: Theories behind the importance of music making in classroom
Practical seminar: Understanding basic elements of music (beat, rhythm, tempo, timbre, tonality)
Understanding music through our body

Practical seminar: Introduction to music notation following Kodaly's method
Using colors in music notation
Introduction to pentatonic scales
Practical workshop: Reading and playing music in groups
Creating our own songs

Practical seminar: How we can build team work, improve listening skills and non verbal communication in the classroom ​
Practical seminar: How we can use music making in various subjects
Ideas that we can apply music making in the classroom

Practical workshop: Building coordination through movement and music
Improving classroom cooperation and communication through music making using various instruments
Practical workshop: How we can use body percussion and voices in music making

Practical seminar: How can music making in classroom can improve the induction of foreign students
How can music making improve student's attendance and participation in classroom
How we can create routines in a classroom through music making
Award ceremony

Dates of courses 2021
25 - 29 January
15 - 19 March
24 - 28 May
26 - 30 July
25 - 29 October

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