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Through a big network of music educators and musicians we offer private instruments lessons. The network of our musicians expands abroad, being the only school in Cyprus that offers online music lessons with teachers who live abroad. We have chosen these people to offer their expertise through online lessons since they are very successful and recognized in their field and we couldn't find someone in Cyprus who could offer the same level of knowledge. Through online lessons we offer Flamenco guitar and Accordion courses.  

In A.Mus.Ed people can attend drums or traditional percussion, piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, cello, violin, recorder, and vocal lessons. We are also specialized in drama and musical theatre courses and we offer an innovative course for an introduction to the English language through drama techniques appropriate for early childhood.  Our team can prepare students for ABRSM, Trinity or Rockschool exams both in instruments and theory.

Aiming on the improvement of music education in general we organize a variety of seminars from well known and recognized music educators and our target group is not only the students of our school but also both students, teachers and trainers among the country who would like to improve their knowledge and make a network of people in the same field. 

Our company is a private research and development company which and implements educational projects and offers training in the area of Music Education aiming at offering training to music teachers to broaden their knowledge or to educators to find their musicality and inspiring them to use music making in the classroom.

AMusEd also runs early childhood music classes for babies, newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and students in Cyprus. Our mission is to offer quality music education to the children and give access to music education to a big number of young people through our visits at schools, music events and after-school music classes. 

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