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Corporate events

Music has a great power to connect people from different backgrounds. Human being is the only species that naturally responds to rhythm. Our team uses the power of rhythm and music to create a unique atmosphere in corporate events. We have the way to connect people, to energize them, to make them laugh, to interact with each other and above all to have lots of fun and getting them 'out of the box' in a very short time!

What we use?  

Boomwhackers are colored, hollow, plastic, musical tubes that produce different notes when are stuck on various surfaces. With Boomwhackers our team can deliver amazing corporate events for team building, energizers or even ice-breaking.

They are lightweight and can be easily distributed to many people within few minutes. Large groups can become Boomwhackers Orchestras and play various rhythmical and melodic patterns.



Body percussion is a must in these events since people can make music through their bodies. A lot of people have poor coordination skills due to their lifestyles and due to the fact that they do not really actively and consciously use their body in daily life. Through Body Percussion people get the opportunity to discover the variety of sounds they can make with their body and experience the awakening of the senses of hearing and touch.  Through body percussion activities, people have a lot of fun, joy and bonding with each other since it demands not only good skills of coordination but also great collaboration among the team members. 


Music Games combine singing and movement at the same time using either locomotor or non-locomotor movements. These Music Games bring so much fun in the groups! Most people do not really feel comfortable to sing in front of others, but through these music games we encourage people to sing simple melodies in groups, that gives them more confidence to do so. It is scientifically proved that singing makes people happier. Through Music Games we give the opportunity to people to sing and play together as a group and we always start with some easy instructions that everyone can follow and slowly increase the level of difficulty without losing the fun of it!


If you really feel that your events are missing fun, then this is your opportunity to light them up with some music making! 


We can adjust the duration of the event according to your needs. 

Contact us for more info! 

Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Corporate Events
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