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Workshops and Seminars

The Director of A.Mus.Ed is offering various workshops and seminars both in Cyprus and abroad, for example Lebanon, Sweden, and Belgium.

These seminars are addressed to educators, families, students, children and corporate events. Their purpose is either to educate in the field of music pedagogy, or showcase a way to approach music and art as a means to achieve further goals, not necessarily in the pre-mentioned fields. 

In collaboration with the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, AMUSED offered a seminar to Primary teachers in 2019 with title "Building team work in classroom through music techniques."


Since 2018 in collaboration with Hermes Airport Larnaca we offer Xmas Music Workshops to students of primary schools in Larnaca. 

xmas amused.jpg

In August 2018, we participated in a E-Artined (EU project) conference in Sweden, presenting  "Building teamwork in classroom and engaging music making in curriculum subjects with boomwhackers."

boomwakers sweden.jpg

Since 2019 we are offering seminars to primary school teachers with the title "Teaching Maths through Music."

maths through music.jpg

In September 2019 we have been invited by the Syndicate of Nursery Owners in Lebanon to give a seminar for "Learning Music Through Play."

lebanon learn through play.jpg
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