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Drama and Music Games for foreign language learning

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350 euros

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35 Hours

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Drama and Music Games for foreign language learning


Raffie Americanou

My name is Rafie Americanou and I have achieved a BA-Hons Drama-University of Essex and a BA-Hons Language and Education-University of Leeds.

Moreover, I have accomplished a Master of Fine Art in Acting from East15 Acting school in London. My specialisation is in the aesthetics of Drama Pedagogy for English Language Learnering.

The opportunity to teach musical theatre and voice lessons at Amused, gives me the opportunity to place into practice an experiential education that combines music and theatre arts together.

The main aim behind the lessons is for every child or teenager/ adult to explore and embed in various roles through the history of musicals. These roles can be animals, people, or narrative. The purpose is for the children to feel safe and creative in multimodal methods; singing, reading, acting, kinaesthetically. They will go through different musical theatre journeys to find their voices and help themselves discover their own expressive instruments.

About the course


The aim of the course has to offer an inside of how drama pedagogy and music techniques can be applied to school subjects specifically to foreign language teaching. The participants will practice theatre techniques and music games that can be applied in their classroom environment. They will focus on drama methodology; improvisations, verbal-non verbal playing techniques, singing games, music making which can be applied in various contexts in language teaching. They will go live at schools to watch drama based lessons which will benefit them for investigating live case studies. Finally the participants will be able to create lesson plans and design workshops that will benefit and target their learners.


The workshop will be a drama an music based method which is an integrated and inventive practice based method. It focuses on investigating embodied inquiries and communication in the field of practice. Due to drama’s and music's creative characteristics and, when used as a methodology, allows the participants to engage emotionally or rationally. Drama has the potential as a method to bring in light new evaluations through metaphors, images spoken or unspoken in a dramatic fiction. Its exploratory nature allows the researcher to explore embodied and sharing knowledge through practice.


Day 1:

Introduction and Theory

Presentation of participants

Primary Q& A considering drama and Language teaching.

Theory in practice; Physical workshop.

Language workshop.

Theory focus: motivation, emergence of communication, awareness of surrounding, introvert extrovert, unconscious-conscious, aesthetics, performing.

Day 2:

Improvisation and Controlled Activities

The power of music in language learning.

Practical examples.
How does drama address different type of students?

Controlled improvisation for different ages.

Live Case study children ages from 4-6

Three Improvisations for different ages. (focusing on input and output)

Develop empathy and critical thinking through situations.

Design a drama based lesson for vocabulary learning.

Day 3:Verbal -The Body- and non Verbal- Voice- communication.
The power of singing in learning foreign language
Visual, props, creativity, Acting through singing.


Design a drama based lesson for phonetic competence
Day 4:
Lesson Planning Drama and Music based activities.
Music and technology in classroom
Live Case study at kindergarten: children ages from 2 till 3.5.
Design a drama based method lesson on narrative abilities.
Day 5:
Motivation Representation of lesson designs and how can they improve.
Practical work on adults.
Open discussions on what has been learnt and mentioned in the workshop.

Improvement/ Evaluation feedback.

The course will take place in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. During the course there might be some visits in schools.

Dates of courses 2021
22 - 26 February
12- 16 April
14 - 18 June
22 - 26 November

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