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Let's play music - How to create music ensembles in schools ​

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350 euros

Course length

35 Hours

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Let's play music - How to create music ensembles in schools ​


Maria Demosthenous

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About the course

This course is designed for educators who teach music in primary schools and they want to learn how to teach musical instruments and singing so they can create their music ensembles at the school. ​



To learn practical techniques that can easily be applied in a group of primary school students

To learn how to read music notation

To learn how to play school musical instruments

To provide theoretical and empirical experiences in Music Teaching according to the famous music pedagogues

To enhance the Teacher's musicality that will empower them to create more music with their students

To learn how a music lesson can be set up

To learn how a music ensemble is set up

To learn how to choose the right repertoire for a music ensembles

To learn how to develop orchestration of songs

To create a network for future projects



A variety of methods will be implemented in order to give both theoretical and practical support to the teachers. The participants will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops, one 2 one lessons, team activities and music ensembles in order to an integrated training.

Day to Day Schedule

Day 1

Ice breaking activities

Importance of music education in schools

Day 2

Basic elements of music

How can we teach music notation to children

Day 3

Body percussion and Percussion instruments; how to play and ways to use them in ensembles

How to play and teach the recorder?

Day 4

How to play the recorder

How to play the ukele

Day 5

How to make orchestrations for music ensembles?

How to choose the repertoire for music shows.

Dates of courses 2020

6 -10 April​

2 - 6 November

Dates of courses 2021

5 - 9 April

23 - 27 August

15 -19 November

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