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Music technology is part of the music world that nowadays is becoming more popular among the musicians since, the improvement of technology is giving the opportunity to people to create, record and release their own music from the comfort of their home. 

Through the course of Music Technology we give step by step guidance on how to set up a home studio, record and release your own music on various platforms. 

Rafael Agapiou studied his music journey with classical piano, continued his studies in the music high school of Nicosia and graduated the Department of Music Studies in  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the field of Music Technology. 

During his studies he composed music for various theatrical plays.  


Further, he has attended many seminars on Music Technology with Fuad Murad, Jason Allen and Karleen Heong. 

He is one of the founders of "One Room Studio" that is based in Thessaloniki as also of the music label "RPD" that has many productions that are mostly played abroad. 

Even though his main passion is the Music Production, he remains an active performer and collaborates with many musicians both in Cyprus and Greece. 

He has the passion to share his knowledge on music production with people that are willing t dive into the amazing world of music production.

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