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The SMILE project aims to provide teachers with a practical framework and examples of best practice to assist them in meeting the challenges of inclusion and diversity in education. The main goal of this project is to provide teachers of preprimary/ primary schools new knowledge, key competences and ready to use educational material to effectively use music as a didactic and pedagogical tool for inclusive education. Further, teachers will develop social skills and digital skills by using the repository and the online training. Although, SMILE is proposed for teachers, its real beneficiaries will be students, whose well-being and performance in schools is expected to be improved.

On June 26th-29th 2023, the Training activity for teachers of primary and pre-primary education took place in Nicosia, Cyprus as well as the Transnational meeting of the partners of the project. The Training was organised by A.Mus.Ed. 

Musical Activities for the Classroom


For a more detailed analysis of the project please visit the official site here. Nevertheless we are providing a set of music activities for the classroom on our website for all the educators out there who might need some quick inspiration and guidance.


The Musical Activities for Classroom category offers a wide range of engaging activities awaits, aimed at fostering intercultural understanding in an enjoyable manner. These activities encourage direct interaction among all students, transcending verbal communication barriers. Not only do they promote creativity and self-confidence, but they also enhance cooperation, coordination, and concentration skills.

As students participate in these activities together, a sense of friendship blooms, creating lasting bonds and an inclusive atmosphere within the class. Beyond the enriching educational experience, these musical endeavours provide a platform for students to have fun and enjoy meaningful moments together, strengthening their connections and enriching their learning journey.

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