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Elina el Malouli

Music has been in my life since I can remember myself and I never thought I could have chosen something else as a career path in the future. I might not have known what that would be exactly but I always knew it would involve music.

I have graduated Nicosia's Music Lyceum (vocals- opera) and the European University Cyprus with a Bachelor's degree in Music (Music Education / Jazz Vocal Studies).  Currently I am a master student in the same University in Music studies. 

I have been working as a music educator since 2019 with AMusEd music school who have supported me and still do in every step I take in professional career as a music educator. I am glad for having the opportunity as a young and passionate musician to teach the  two things I focused during my studies, early childhood and vocals!

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Valeria Iorgu

Nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself.

I was born in Moldavia and moved to Cyprus at a very young age. I started vocal lessons at the age of 14 and studied at Nicosia’s Music Lyceum (2012-2015) with classical vocals as main instrument and piano as second instrument.

Currently I am graduating the European University of Cyprus with Batchelor in music/Jazz Vocal studies.

I have participated in many events and concerts with the university’s jazz ensemble, my personal group and the music lyceum choir. I have a big repertoire with different genres of music (opera, rock, Greek rock, jazz).

My collaboration with “AMuSed” started in 2019 first as a music educator in early childhood and later also as a vocal teacher and music theory teacher.

My teaching is based on the diversity of my students, and I always try to find different and unique ways of teaching so every student has a nice experience and be able to learn and have fun.

I strongly believe that music is all about having fun and feeling alive and I try to keep my lessons always interactive and fun. 

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