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Music Games for the family

After one month at home with the kids, due to lock down of #Covid19, I thought I can play some music games with my daughters. Having experienced how much they loved these games I thought it could be nice to share these games with you. It can also be a nice opportunity of having fun at home with your families.

It is important to highlight that it is really important for children to be educated while staying at home but they cannot spend many hours in front of a screen. Music games, not only improve our music skills but also offer the joy and fun that game offer to people of all ages.

1. Pass the ball

In this game we pass the ball to each other while keeping the beat of a song. Two people stand opposite to each other and they have to hit the ball on the floor before passing to the other player. The music challenge of this game is that the sound of the ball on the floor has to keep the beat of the song. Also, we can choose to through the ball to each other, without hitting on the floor but still we have to do this to the beat.

For young children who cannot play with the ball, we can play this game with beanbags. In case you do not have beanbags just take a nylon bag and put some beans in it and tight it. Then you can through the beanbag to your kids and he has to through it back to you.

See the video below.

Song: Kokoleoko

2. Boom Snap Clap

You can play the game Boom Snap Clap where every word has a different movement. The words are

Boom Snap Clap, Boom Boom Snap Clap Snap, Boom Snap Clap, Boom Boom Sh.

When we say 'Boom' we tap our chest, on 'Snap' we snap our fingers, on 'Clap'we clap and on 'Sh' we put our finger in front of our mouth. On the video below you can see the movements. The game becomes more challenging if we say the song faster. You can take this game in a new level if you ask from children to find new movements for the song.

For younger children who cannot coordinate their movements with words you can play this game in a different way. Find 4 objects from home that produce different sound and give them the name of the song words. Then you can take a wooden spoon and try to tap the song on the objects.

It is very important in both cases to sing the song first so children memorize the song.

Watch the video below

3. Pass the beat around the room.

In this game all the family members can participate. You can choose the sentence ' Pass the beat around the room'. Every syllable matches to one beat. First all the players have to say the sentence rhythmically and then the game starts. Each player has to say one syllable of the sentence, one after the other, until the full sentence is complete. The person who will not be able to say the syllable to the right time or he will not say the correct syllable he gets out of the game.

This game becomes more challenging if you increase the tempo of the song.

Below you can see a video which was made in Greek language. We have chosen to say the sentence 'Meno spiti mou ego' that means ' I stay home'.

You can see us playing this game at home with my girls.

Watch the Greek version in the video below!

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