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Check out your music skills with these online games

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I was excited when I found out the website of Theta Music Trainer, which is providing free music access to teachers and students during covid19 closure period to some of their games. Even though you cannot have full access in all the games, still the experience you will have with the free ones is amazing!

There are some games here that can really keep you engaged either because you just want to test your music skills or you are a teacher and you want to send some tools to your students to keep practicing while being at home or even you are a music student and you want to remember, practice and test your music knowledge.

So, here are the games that you can play online.

First you can start with the Channel Scramble. A music is playing and you have to recognize which instrument matches to every channel. It is very challenging since you have to recognize the instrument while the whole band is playing and the volume of the missing instrument is increased a little bit.

Then we continue with the Band Match. Every time two instruments play and you have to find out which of the instruments plays. You can see all the instruments in pictures and you choose them by clicking on the right picture.

Another important element of music is the rhythm. Do you know how to read music notation? Then this is the time to check how good you understand the rhythm, time to play the Flash Rhythm and the Rhythm Puzzles. I really liked the Rhythm Reader where you listen to one rhythm and then you have to repeat it by clicking on time with your mouse. More challenging for rhythm perception is the Rhythm Repeat, where you listen to a melody and you have to repeat its rhythm by again, clicking on time with your mouse. For those who are familiar with the drums then here is a challenge for you! Can you recognize the styles on drums. Check it out with the Flash Styles Drums.

If you want to find out how good you are in understanding the pitch in music then you can start with Pitch Compare. Two sounds are produced, initially from the same instruments and then from different and the player has to choose which is the higher pitch. Do you want to check how fast is your perception about pitch? Then you better try the Speed Pitch. In this game you have to be really fast to choose if the tone you are listening from various instruments are higher, lower or the same with the previous one. It becomes more difficult in upper levels by comparing the sounds produced by different instruments.

For the string players maybe the following game seems more familiar but still is quite challenging. The Dango Brothers ask the players to tune two chords. Yes, this game is more challenging than the previous one since you have to spot the difference between two notes that have a distance of a very small interval.

Have you always been dreaming to become a singer, or you are a singer? Then, time to check your vocal skills with the Vocal Match. For this game you need to activate your microphone. You will listen a note from the game and you have to sing back the note. While singing you see on the screen how close or far your from the given note.

For those who know music theory, time to check if you recognize the intervals with the Flash Interval. More practice on the intervals you can fin with the Melodic Drops and the Harmonic Drops. The perception of the intervals is quite difficult, but if someone really practice from a very young age then it becomes a piece of cake.

It is just another language!

If you think you are really good with the intervals then how about trying to play the Parrot Phrases. And what about the circle of fifths? I always say to my students that everything is connected and it is very easy to understand the scales if they learn the relationship that derives from the circle of fifths. Time to practice but also to check how well you know the circle of fifths with the Key Puzzles. And, how about the Latin numbers we use as symbols for chords or the numeric numbers for the position of the notes in a scale? Check our the Number Blaster.

When you choose to play the Paddle Notes, you will have to save the bouncing ball not to fall and disappear in a whole by moving the paddle to the right number that represents the position of the given note in the given scale. You listen to a scale at the beginning of the game and then you choose listen to one note each time.

I tried to list as many games I could in this blog. It is a real life saver for all the teachers out there who want to send a game to their students to keep them engaged with music theory but also to give them something to practice at home. Big thank you to the Theta Music team for this amazing contribution to the continuation of music education at home.

If you are a parent, and you want to give a present to your child then the individual annual subscription is something that really worth. If you are a music school owner and you want to offer to your students then Theta studio subscription is a very good investment for your school .

Time to practice!!! Wish you all enjoy these games.

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