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The importance of music in children's daily life

A lullaby song is usually used from an adult to get a baby to sleep. How does music achieve that? Using music on a daily basis in children’s’ lives is a very old habit worldwide, which is something that shows us the importance of the music in the upbringing of a child. Lullabies are just simple melodies that help babies to relax and fall asleep. Many parents use simple baby songs to play and entertain their kids. Further, music is very important in children lives, something that all parents know by instinct but recent research proves the importance and the benefits that kids can get through their interaction with music.

Older studies referred to the improvement of human capabilities as also to the brain development as a result of studies on certain musical instrument. Recent research have focused on the influence of music groups towards babies. Referring to music groups, we do not mention preliminary music classes with sole goal to create the next Mozart, but workshops in which children with their parents’ help, make music and learn its basic concepts through singing, rhymes, percussions play, music and movement actions and listening to music always through a fun and enjoyable way. A study applied by the Mc Master Institute of Music and Mind emphasizes the importance the importance of music lessons for babies (Article: ‘Babies’ brain benefit from music lesson, researchers find’ Hamilton, Ont. May 09, 2012). The certain study proved that one year old babies, who participated in music groups with their parents, communicate better, smiled more often and had better reaction towards music. Furthermore, babies who participated in music workshops appeared to have more sensitiveness to the pitch, compared to those who were just passive listeners while doing other activities. Also, it was observed that babies who participated in music workshops were calmer and improved their communication skills earlier, like showing things that they would like to reach or even waving bye bye.

In addition, by participating in a music workshop, the baby and the parent improve their emotional bond since they have to cooperate to make music together either singing, playing instruments or even participating in a music & movement activity in which the carer has to enchase his child to participate. Further the improvement of self – confidence; children develop their creativity, their communication skills and their cooperation, since they have to work with other group members for better results.

It is very important, at this point to underline that apart from participating in music workshops, it could be very useful if parents could spend some time with their kids that would be constructive for their development. Here is some advice that parents but also teachers can follow:

1. Become active Singer!!! Do not just listen to the kids songs, you have to participate in singing and encourage your children to follow

2. Sing to children songs you remember from when you were young or even one of your favorite songs. Singing your favorite song makes both adults and children happier.

3. Dance with them and encourage them to participate and express their feelings through dancing

4. Make some music with children. You can use simple objects and make a small orchestra to play together. Kids will love this!

5. Try to sing a song using proper representations for its content. This will help them to remember the tune and words better.

Dare to make music and bring joy to the children and to your life too!

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