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Apple Strawberry Rhythms

When we introduce new rhythmic patterns to children, apart from using the music syllables Ta and Titi, sometimes we correlate the rhythms with the names of objects that children can easily recognize, name and tap the rhythms. We use this method for two reasons:

1. Preschoolers who cannot read, they can still recognize the words from the picture and easily tap the syllables

2. The picture is very strong to the memory and it is easier for the kids to remember a picture with two fruits instead of the proper music notation.

So, this time we have chosen to play a game with two fruits, the apple and the strawberry.

For that reason we have created a game that you can easily open and play it on google drive through the this link.

The children can play this on their own. They have to listen to one rhythmic pattern every time and they have to choose YES if they rhythmic pattern matches to the words Apple - Strawberry or NO if they do not match.

Games likes this one helps children to develop the rhythm cognition but also to develop linguistic skills. Usually, preschoolers cannot separate the syllables of the words, a skill that precedes writing and reading. Through music and rhythmical patterns children develop these skills even from an earlier age. Further, this is a funny game that keeps their mind busy but at the same time develops their cognitive skills.

Parents can be inspired of this game and bring some more rhythmical words to play games with their children. You can play this game even in the car while going to long trips where children usually get bored. Someone has to clap the rhythm of the objects you choose and after children repeat it 2 - 3 times then you can mix it with other rhythms. Children are allowed to tap the rhythmical pattern you will play, only when you play the one of the object you tapped and learned at the beginning of the game.

We hope you enjoy this game!!!

More will be uploaded soon!

Stay tuned!

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